Alpha Integration

– A Second Opinion



At its core, the investment problem is an optimal decision under uncertainty and can therefore only be solved through probabilities. Today, active investing does not address this fact.

At AI Alpha Lab we believe it is not only about good estimation, but also about smarter models that can tell us WHEN our estimates can be trusted and when they cannot.



At AI Alpha Lab we have developed a probabilistic AI engine, that quantifies its own uncertainty, i.e. informs us about its own validity.

We use this information to make predictions that MATTER.

We ensure to only base investment decisions on predictions that has explanatory power, resulting from causality and not correlations.



We provide a base rate model that provide an uncorrelated complement to investor’s existing investment process

– a second opinion.

How to get started

Initial contact

We map out your goals, limits and investment universe.


Based on your goals, limits and investment universe, we run the AI model and provide you with monthly or quarterly asset weights.

A second view

The asset manager can compare his/her portfolio with the model portfolio from our AI model – a second option